Main electricity source in 2060?

donderdag 26 mei 2011

Electric cars

Usually I wouldn't blog about cars, because cars=pollution, right? Well that depends on the fuel. If a car runs on electricity, the co2-emissions are a lot lower than when a car is fueled by ordinary petrol. Though this depends heavily on how the electricity is generated. In some countries, more than half of all electricity is renewable (Norway, Austria). But in the Netherlands for instance, about 85% is fossil fuel (and a little nuclear). Still an electric car is better even if all electricity would be generated by fossil fuels. Especially when you drive the car in a city: this reduces air pollution in the streets, and they make less noise.

Oh and some electric cars look very good too, check this out:

This Tesla Model S is a good example of the progress that's being made in electric cars. The cost of this car is only half of its predecessor, the Tesla Roaster (price down from $90,000 to $50,000), while its capabilities are the same.

Electric cars seem to be have a quicker start than hydrogen cars. Also biofuel seems to become less popular recently, probably because of cases in Brazil where rainforest was destroyed in order for soya to be grown. It is unclear though what the main source of fuel of cars will be in 50 years from now. Biofuel, electricity, hydrogen, or still petrol?

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  1. One day, everything will be electric. It's the ultimate power.

  2. The Tesla is cool but abit far for most people.