Main electricity source in 2060?

zaterdag 18 juni 2011

How can I save on energy?


1. Easy one: turn the lights off in rooms when you're not there
2. Turn your lights + pc monitor off when you go to the bathroom
3. Use public transport instead of car
4. Use bicycle or walk instead of public transport
5. Eat less meat.
6. Use energy saving light bulbs
7. Buy a LED-monitor and LED-television.
8. Clear the ice from your freezer.
9. Drink water instead of coke. Is healthier too.
10. Remove all electronic devices from their power sockets when you go away for a few days.

ALL THESE TIPS save money as well. Who said being good for the environment is expensive?

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  1. Actually turning off and on the lights every time you leave/enter a room waste moe energy

  2. @Mario: this is actually a myth. Only if you turn a light bulb or monitor off for a few seconds and then back on, you lose energy. Anything longer than like 20-30 seconds or so is good for saving.

  3. I never even thought about removing something from it's power socket when I go away for a while, thanks for sharing man!

  4. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  5. Very good common sense tips !

    Have a SUPER week.

  6. Actually, I do almsot all of these anyway, thanks anyway though :P


  7. Following.
    Like the green factor of this blog

  8. Okay so I'm 10/10 on wasting energy, I should change up my ways.

  9. how does #8 help? i'll trust you that it does, but I'm curious as to how.

  10. clearing the ice from your freezer reduces the electricity consumption of your fridge.