Main electricity source in 2060?

vrijdag 24 september 2010

Wind Power!

Hi green followers,

Wind power, the future? Or will solar power eventually become more reliable?

Here are some interesting figures about wind power per country (mostly wiki):

Wind power in megawatts per country, 2009:

1. USA - 35,159
2. Germany - 25,777
3. China - 25.104
4. Spain - 19.149
5. India - 10.925

USA on top, but remember, these are absolute figures. If we look per capita, the top 5 looks totally different, that would contain countries like Denmark and Portugal. USA would probably not even reach to the top 25 of countries with per capita wind energy.

Also there are huge differences in growth of wind power. China is currenltly the quickest grower and will probably be the no. 1 wind power generator in 2 or 3 years from now. USA grows a little slower and Germany is lacking behind (though investing a lot of money in solar energy, they are no. 1 in the world with that).

Keep you updated.

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  1. Im actually surprised how much the US produced.

  2. I would have thought netherlands would be number 1

  3. are you on steam?
    i think i have met yo b4 ;O
    maybe just same name...oh well idk

  4. Good ideas for renewable!

  5. nice hope to see more of this in the future
    laters mate

  6. Oh, man. I remember having to learn about alternative fuel sources in high school. It was a tad boring.

  7. Interesting stuff...thanks for the comment; I'm supporting!

  8. In my area, there are workplaces that have windmills! Tiny, urban ones. I'm also seeing a lot of solar power too! It's very nice.

  9. Interesting post, you good some cool stuff!

  10. Wind power is pretty expensive to get setup and going.

  11. great blog! check mine out for updates

  12. At least renewable energy is still growing, maybe we won't kill off the planet so early.

  13. We have an never ending supply of air. We should utilize the resource and reuse all the energy we can from it. We don't spend much time on this earth but we do leave a big carbon footprint, lets minimize out footprint and be careful outthere, remember, recycle, reuse and reduce.

  14. we have a small wind power plant at home, its enough for some things, but when you have a PC, microwave, TV, vacuum cleaner on, its not enough, so we are forced to use town electricity lines. (selling it for government isn't a good option IMHO)